Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Download youtube videos to your computer without any software

Friends today i will share with u a very simple trick to download youtube videos on your computer without help of any software.
When we see any video on youtube and like to download perhaps we need some software to download it but I fount a very easy way to download any video on youtube and it's very simple way.
1. Play the video which you want to download
2. Go to the address bar and type"kiss"between www and youtube
3. Enter
4. You will see a new page for downloading your video.
5. Follow it's instructions to download your video.

For example i was playing dubai navratri's video on youtube and wanted to download it...
When video was playing i went to the address bar where the address was
I just put kiss between www and youtube so my new address became like this:

Thats all.. My browser took me to the page which downloaded the video to my computer.

Hope this will help you.
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  1. excellent blog.... and excellent trick.. thanks.

  2. Good stuff..keep updating such Good stuff...thanks for writing such a post...Blogging tips which can enhance learning of the students as well as working people.

  3. batter if u place ss on place of www. and it will work 100% :p

  4. Softwares always work for me. There is a new software that works on mac and pc...and even resumes downloads ... its 100% free

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